Declaration of Sovereignty and Protection

April 13, 2018

We acquire both positive and negative imprints, patterns and emotions from our bloodline. Our ancestors' suffering and successes remain within our DNA. 

If unhealthy thoughts and choices continue to create obstacles in life, this may be the reason why. 

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Understanding Japa Mala

December 05, 2017

Japa mala is the Sanskrit word for prayer garland. It is a tool used to count the number of mantras (affirmations/prayers) during meditation practice. Using the thumb and index fingers of one hand, one slides the beads over, like an abacus.

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Why You Will Love Our Malas

December 04, 2017

 Sandalwood beads have been used for centuries in the traditional japa mala, which roughly translates from the Sanskrit language as prayer garland. 

Knowing the challenged history of sandalwood, we set the bar high for sourcing our sandalwood beads. We take this same approach in choosing the gemstones, Tahitian pearls and precious metals we use.

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Welcome To OM Malas

December 01, 2017

If our malas can inspire you to meditate, we can positively influence not only our own lives, but the lives of our family and friends. With only the power of example, we can change the future of our families, communities and our planet.  

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