After Sales Customer Service


A well-loved mala is one used daily so we do our best to ensure your mala has a lasting relationship with you. Treat your mala as a sacred tool. When not in use, keep your mala in the pouch provided or on your alter. Do not shower or bathe with your mala, as well as avoid swimming with your mala. Wood is intrinsically susceptible to water damage so practice discernment while using your mala.

Even with the utmost care, stuff happens. We stand by our quality and offer the following repairs:

Our Repair Policy:

  • A lifetime service of restringing for your mala.
  • Complimentary restringing is available up to one year after purchase. For this reason, we highly recommend keeping a record of all purchases made at OM Malas.
  • After one year, a small charge may be required to cover the costs of the repair.
  • If any beads were lost during the breakage, we reserve the right to replace the beads with our current offer and do our best to match your own mala’s original beads and string.
  • Sandalwood darkens with time. This means that replacing these beads will reflect a difference in color until the new sandalwood beads darken to match.
  • If any gemstones, crystals or pearls need replacing we reserve the right to charge for these pieces, no matter the time frame from purchase. We will contact you after the mala is received at our workshop and advise you further. 

  • Shipping costs to our workshop are to be covered by our customers.

To request a repair, please contact us at We will send you a Repair Order Form to be filled out and included with your repair, along with proof of purchase.